Alicia Montplaisir


So this is a song I wrote yesterday ( 29 apr) and I meant it to channel my feelings of recently breaking up with a friend who was disrespectful to me in a way that I cannot handle into acceptance for how I see the situation. It's been hard for me to deal with invasive questions about my health


I am sitting on my bed and I've been playing more ukulele over the last year due to not being able to sing with the piano (too loud for me) and being mostly indoor and needing something light I can use in bed.


I haven't been diagnosed with ME but very close friends have ME and I wanted to participate to show my solidarity and also because I've been very ill and bed/house bound too to some extent. It's hard to count how long I've been ill for. It drastically got worse a year ago. Been some level of fluctuating unwell for 14 years.


I'm 29, This was filmed in St-Joseph de Sorel, Canada

I split my time between Canada and London, UK. I'm an artist, producer, & entrepreneur.

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