Anne Duffy


Diagnosed with Fibro, then ME/CFS, and now Lyme too, been sick about 15 years with these, physically getting worse. I've been a quilter for a long time, but of late am not really able to sew, so I've taken to doing mandalas.  I love doing them.  It's such a meditative process. They help maintain my equilibrium.  Happy in myself overall, but just not able to do things I used to do.  I experience the usual lying on the floor of ME/CFS because standing is too much effort etc.!  On good days I can do small grocery shop.  Missing from the things I used to do.  Was half way through a PhD when I was too sick to continue, also did social research and worked with community groups.  Have a beautiful daughter and good friends and much to be grateful for.  It would be nice to clean my house, visit my daughter, have a shower, cook, and spend time with friends all in one day (ahhhhh, a girl can dream)