Northumberland, UK

Age: 40

Been ill 18 years.


My Brightest Diamond - Bring Me The Workhorse.


I used this song as I have always felt it was about people being hidden from view, devalued and essentially "put out to pasture" when they could no longer work or be useful to those in power. I don't know what inspired Shara Nova to write it but it's hard not to feel the symbolism here for chronically ill people, especially those with conditions like ME where there are state priorities/institutions actively blocking medical research progress for their own ends while we struggle on trying to find and fund solutions ourselves. State benefits and appropriate social care are difficult to obtain and supportive and knowledgeable doctors are also thin on the ground.


Sometimes it feels like it would be convenient if we all disappeared. "Bring me the workhorse, bring me the no-good workhorse" feels like being summonsed for a state benefits medical. We need to be more inconvenient, gain confidence and bring our disappearance to public notice.