Cecilia Ekhem


Five years ago I woke up with a fever. It turned out to be ME (or ME/CFS), and the flu-like symptoms are constantly present. Almost all of my day has to be spent in bed or on the sofa. To find hope and meaning, I took up poetry writing again (last done in childhood) and started to write short poems. I took photos every time I left bed and looked out through the front door, and found how easy it was to combine words and photos.


"This is ME" is a poem about being ill, and like all of the others, was written in bed. A friend composed the music. My thanks to Dan Bornemark. The music is published with the composer's permission for #BedFest 2017.

Cecilia Ekhem (46), lives in Sweden with her husband and two children.

You can find Cecilia at http://ekhemmanet.se or: 

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