Chronic Creatives Choir

United Kingdom

We're a choir made up of people with chronic illnesses (most of us have M.E.). Although we're not well enough to join ordinary choirs, we've been able to make music together long-distance. We each record our parts at home separately, in some cases from bed. Some of us have to record in short sessions due to the illness, rather than doing the whole song at once. I then combine all the parts together on the computer.


Singers: Petra, Victoria, Soul, Deborah, Zoe, Stephen and Trev.

Flute: Dawn

Piano and harmonica: Zoe

Electronic bass: Elmo

Mixing: Zoe and Tom


Music by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele, arranged by Mark Brymer. With thanks to for the rehearsal tracks which enabled us to stay in time without being able to hear each other.


Artwork & Crafts: Soul & Petra

Photos: Elmo, Zoe, Petra, Victoria & Soul.