Debbie Razey

Lancashire, UK

Hi my name is Debbie Razey and I'm 39 and from Lancashire In the UK and I've been fighting ME now for going on nearly 4 years. I'm a wife and mother of three and I write poetry when my brain allows under the name Violet Moon Poetry., which I find has helped me a lot. Unfortunately though I can't always write as much as I'd like due to brain fog which does make me sad. Before M.E. I was very active, always on the go and enjoyed working with autistic children for over thirteen years and hiking out into the countryside and attending the gigs of my favourite bands. Unfortunately now I am mostly housebound / bedbound but I'm lucky enough to still on occasions to be able to get out in my electric scooter with the help of my husband who has been my absolute rock through it all! You can also find some of my work on my blog, facebook, and instagram.