Hammerfest, Norway

My name is Idgy and I live in Hammerfest, a small town in Nothern Norway. I was born here 37 years ago.


I came down with ME after a flu- like illness in september 2011, and I've been bedridden since 2014. Before that I was able to leave the house only once a week.


I miss the feeling of being strong enough to stand on my feet, and that's why hiking would be the first thing I would like to do if I ever recover.


Meanwhile I enjoy reading scientific articles about ME, which give me the opportunity to use my master degree in biology to some extent. I also  enjoy writing poem and fairytales when the inspiration moves me.


I took this picture of myself with my mobile phone. It's dark because this is how I live; in complete darkness (because of light sensitivity ) almost all the time. The picture shows how my day to day life is like. Not many people are aware of this, and I thought #BedFest would be a nice opportunity to show them what my experience with severe ME is like.

But I'm optimistic about the future (I hope you can see that in my eyes). So if I had to make a title it would be "There is a New Dawn Ahead".