James Cooper

Minehead, UK

This is me singing 'Pure Imagination' from 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' with my uke (called Cliff - named after Cliff Edwards the uke player from the 20s/30s). I chose the song because it's from one of my fave films and it speaks of the 'pure imagination' that often is all ME people have when you're laying around all day... (plus it's an excuse to wear an awesome hat...!)


I'm 37 (38 next month) and live in Minehead, a small sea-side town in South West England (I grew up in London and moved here about 15 years ago). I've had ME for 25+ years. I got it when I was 11/12 during my first year at Secondary School (High School).


I'm 'moderate' - basically housebound but thanks to the web, I'm able to work as a freelance web designer/developer as and when (JPC-DESIGN).  A couple of my clients are ME things:

The M.E. Trust

ME Foggy Dog


I also run one of the biggest xmas sites in the world! whychristmas.com and also go by 'The Christmas Expert' (and happy April 'Rudolph Day' - 25th of every month which Christmas nuts like me use as an excuse to do xmas-y things throughout the year!)

I love playing the uke and mandolin. I'm a Christian but sadly don't get out to Church much these days.

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