Jay Spero

New York, U.S.

I'm 50 years old, had just turned 33 the day I woke up with ME, so 17 years plus. I live in New York City, used to work in real estate, as well as perform in bands. These days I mostly keep to myself but am engaged, mostly on Twitter, with as much ME-related info sharing as I can manage. I do still try to play music but it's obviously very difficult and not something I can do often, but I try. If I recovered today I'd be looking for work, probably in real estate where I'd managed a brokerage, but I'd also look to take a course in music theory.

The video is a cover of this song. I've tried for years to cover it properly, but it's been just beyond what I'm capable of on a good day, to get a decent cover version. I finally did a home recording of it a year ago & decided to play and sing along with it as support.

Two artists I'm proud to try, in my limited capacity, to work with: Sport Murphy & Kaptan Levent can be found at these sites

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