Kate Stewart

Although energetic and intense, there is clearly order and control to this visual exploration of the corners and crevices of the creative mind.


The introspection brought on by a recent medical procedure results in a composition of apparently disparate emotional elements. By consciously positioning them as a display of X-rays on a practitioner's wall (symbolizing the known and confirmed), or in the random yet deliberate configuration of fortune cards (symbolizing potential and the unknown), the artist discovers their inherent harmony and strength.

At the time I made this work, my situation was almost untenable but somehow still doable. Despite screaming days & nights of pain I prepared my "Artist Statement" as professionally as I could, and  -of course -  in no way does it reflect what I had to endure to create my art. Neither does it share with the viewer the disclosure that I actually took a knife and sliced up a revealing self-portrait of disintegrating health I myself could not endure living with to provide the fundamental elements which form its' structure. In fact, this marks the first time I have shared that confidence beyond a few quiet conversations.  Yes, I was that desperate to retain any last fragment or illusion of health I could.

“This isn't a poem,

It is the echo of the song the warriors sing.”

- Sarah-Louise Jordan

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