Margo Rubenstein

Arizona, U.S.
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These are a few of my paintings, all painted with acrylics and all painted with various moments of rest weaved through the actual process. I paint with the canvas flat on the kitchen counter because painting on an easel was too demanding and I was too fatigued to paint that way. This way I can take many breaks in-between creating the painting.


I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past 31 years, developed Fibromyalgia and various neuropathies in the following years. I also had back surgery and have had two rods and six screws placed in my lower back.


I am a dentist by training (DDS, graduated from Loyola Dental School in 1980), but I had to sell my practice due to the illness. Obviously, I couldn’t work the hours or keep my skills sharp enough to run the love of my life.


I picked up sculpture about ten years ago at a local community college and that morphed into painting. It is an art form where I can express myself and still pace myself to get a result.


I am 62-years-old, a divorced woman living in Scottsdale, Arizona (originally from New Jersey). I sought treatment at dozens of doctors offices throughout the United States before getting a diagnosis. Now, I pace myself and try to move forward a little bit each day.


My love of nature and all things it entails is my main inspiration.

“This isn't a poem,

It is the echo of the song the warriors sing.”

- Sarah-Louise Jordan

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