Sue & Dave Stergo

Sue Stergo is 46 from Melbourne, Australia. Battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms since a child. Believed to have contracted a Lyme-like illness from being bitten by red fire ants in Fiji at 12 years old. Surviving a burst appendix after this time, it has been a battle of multiple symptoms.


Art has always been her inspiration and way through. Loving all the arts from singing and dancing to the visual arts of painting, drawing and in writing. Married for 16 years to Dave, who is an accomplished singer and songwriter, last year appearing on Australia's X Factor. Sue and Dave loved this opportunity to put a dialogue to the many encounters with doctors around Sue's health issues.

Through tears of expressing her feelings of pain and suffering, this was combined with her quirky humour to cope in a broadway style musical number, featured here called 'Find Me Something'.