Rosalind Amor

United Kingdom 

My dungeon

—by R. Amor


My body is my dungeon

Jailing me with pain and exhaustion

Nausea and weakness complete my rack

Which is ever ceaseless in its attack


I watch my life washing away, day by day

Even my soul seems to be swept away

Fear and grief cripple my spirits

My mental state is pushed to its limits


Even sleep is rare to ease my suffering

Nor people to give care and comforting

No key is there for this jail I'm in

No treatment for this state of sin


Loneliness is my constant companion

Disrespect my only medallion

For not only is there no cure

Misconceptions I must also endure


My brain is a swirling sea of fog

Around me all is black as smog

But despite all this I still search for a light

The liberator that will end my tortuous plight

I'm 25 years old, have had ME for 17 years and live in the UK.


This poem, along with another one of mine, is also due to be published in a collection of poetry by ME sufferers. It will be called "A Piece of ME" and come out in time for ME awareness day, May 12th 2017. My poems will be published under the pen name R. Amor. 100% of proceeds from the book will go towards Let's do it for ME

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Acknowledgements to my carer, Gemma, and my Dad for technical assistance with the video.