Wiebke Kähler

Trondheim, Norway

You can find Wiebke on her website and on Facebook

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I got fatigue/med after a long cancer treatment (4 operations, chemo, radiation and hormone therapy). It is an everyday fight but creating art (mainly from bed) helps me to cope with my situation.


Ok, i am 34 years old and was born in germany.  But now i am living in trondheim (norway) with my partner. In summer 2013 i was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then followed a long period with treatments  

- mastektomi right breast

- both ovaries were taken

- chemo 6month

- radiation 4weeks

- mastektomi left breast

- hormone therapy.


It was not easy but we got through all of this and i started working as a social worker again. In spring 2016 i became sick again. I was getting weaker, had lots of pain, brain fog... and a whole bunch of other symptoms.


The doctors didn't understand what was wrong. Lots of tests with no results. So they said i just was a little depressed after the cancer.  But i knew that it was not depression because i had a depressive episode after my mum died of breast cancer and this felt so different.  But how to explain this to the doctors who were sure that they know what’s going on? When made contact with the Norwegian cancer society  ("kreftforeningen") i got information about fatigue and ME after i had a conversation with them and talked about my symptoms…


Then i found fatigue groups on Facebook and after getting more and more information and hearing the nearly same stories from others i really began to understand.

Now i only work two hours a week and it seems like i am going to lose my job.  Most of the time i am so sick, that i have to stay in bed and that’s just boring (i used to be very active). So i try to kill time by drawing and use creating art as my personal form of therapy. It helps med to not feel so useless and to cope with my situation.

I have a website Witilda wonderart and a Facebook page.